If you’re a working parent and have your kids in an early education centre, it’s not uncommon to receive judgement from those who think that parents should stay at home and look after their children. There are not many parents who haven’t experienced ‘parenting guilt’ as they drop their children off and go to work.

But studies have proven that there are many benefits for children who go to an early education centre. So if you’ve got pangs of guilt about making the decision for early education, read on. Going to a centre is a perfectly acceptable and beneficial parenting choice.

Attending early education prepares kids for school

Your child will have to attend primary school no matter who looks after them in their first 5 years of life.

Studies have shown that children who attend formal early education, even just a few days a week, have stronger reading and comprehensions skills than those who attended informal, home based care programs such as family day care, staying at home with a parent or being cared for by a Nanny.

Early education teaches them all the essential social skills they will need to make a stress-free transition to school.

Early education makes kids better communicators

When young children socialise with other children, as well as other adults, it helps to develop and refine their verbal and non-verbal communication skills.

One study also showed that early education teaches children how to communicate with children of different ages, and that their behavior adjusts to take into account the age of the person they are playing with.

Going to an early education centre strengthens a child’s immune system

Many parents dread the colds and coughs that inevitably make an appearance when your child goes to an early education centre.

Whilst no parent likes to see their child feeling unwell, these early bugs do wonders to strengthen your child’s immune system, and according to research, can lower the frequency and severity of more complicated infections later in life. It’s far better to take a week off early education when you’re 3 than to have 2 weeks off school during the HSC.

Children who attend an early education centre show higher academic abilities

Extensive studies have shown that children who attend an early education centre when they are young end up with higher cognitive and academic abilities as teenagers. This is because high quality early education centres provide cognitive-boosting activities on a daily basis, that the children might not be exposed to otherwise.

It was also found that a regular daily schedule is essential for intellectual growth and development for toddlers. When children know what to expect and what’s happening next, their behaviour is less erratic and they have more scope to absorb new information.

Early education results in happier parents

Many parent love their work and are happy to return to work when their children are young. Knowing that your child is being cared for in a safe, nurturing environment provides a great deal of comfort.

Research show that parents who return to work (when it is their choice to do so) had lower rates of depression and experienced less financial hardship in the long term.

And of course, being happier as a parent, without a doubt, benefits your child. Children of happy parents experience more love and attention at home, spend more quality time with their parents and have a greater sense of security.

Early education helps your family thrive

Whilst choosing early education can be a hard decision for some families, there is clear evidence, backed by research, that shows how children can benefit in the long term. When children are supported, nurtured, encouraged and engaged in a reputable centre, it sets the groundwork for a great future.

If you’re considering sending your child to an early education centre and are looking for a high-quality centre, why not call us and arrange a time to come and visit our centre. We’d love to show you around.